Alvarinho wine pairing with sushi

Alvarinho wine pairing with sushi

If you are a sushi lover, or have a soft spot for Sriracha, Alvarinho Vinho Verde wine pairing with sushi should be your go-to wine.

Considered one of the greatest white wines of Portugal.

Alvarinho GrapesAlvarinho its variety of grapes cultivated particularly in the sub-region of Monção and Melgaço, but given its quality, it has been carried to other parts of the region and the country.

The wine is characterized by an intense straw color, with citrus reflections, an intense, distinctive and complex aroma, ranging from quince, peach, banana, lemon, passion fruit and lychee, to orange and violet blossoms, hazelnut and walnut, and honey, with a complex, soft, round, smooth, full-bodied and persistent flavor.

Alvarinho delivers a mouth-watering blend of minerality and tropicality that pairs beautifully with seafood and spicy dishes.

It is classic with seafood, but also loved it with Indian dishes such as chicken tikka masala. My personal favorite pairing is with pad thai—the nutty/savory component of the pad thai plays off the freshness of the Alvarinho.

We have available the Alvarinho wine ENCOSTA DO XISTO – ALVARINHO 2015.

Considered by some one of the best white wines produced in Portugal.

In first look it has one citrus with golden reflexes colour.

In the palate it’s intense with tropical fruits, enhancing the passion fruit palate, long and persistent. Freshness induced by moderate acidity.

The aroma it’s intense to tropical fruits, with notes of passion fruit and mango.

Our white wine Alvarinho it’s considered one of the best Alvarinho produced in Portugal, in the north region at the Alvarinho region.

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Alvarinho Vinho Verde wine pairing with sushi it’s a fantastic combination.

White wine Alvarinho bottle