Balsamic and Vinaigrettes Sauces

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New line of Balsamic and Vinaigrettes Sauces

We have available a full line of special balsamic and vinaigrettes sauces to spice your best recipes and be creative.


BALSAMIQ CREAM C0360The game of mixed flavors between acid and sweet makes it special.

This reduction of balsamic vinegar is increasingly used by chefs who recommend its use in salads and grilled.

It combines perfectly and exalts the taste and aroma when used in dishes with poultry, red meat and fish.

Its velvety texture and its color make it an option to decorate simple or complex dishes.


WHITE BALSAMIC CREAM C0361The sweet note gives a touch of creativity, taste and beauty in recipes with fruit and ice-cream.

This balsamic reduction is increasingly used by chefs who recommend their use in recipes whose color is to be unchanged.

It combines perfectly and exalts the taste and aroma when used in dishes with poultry, red meat and fish.


BALSAMIC CREAM WITH HOT PEPPER C0362Try with stir fries chicken and mushrooms. Your friends will be impressed!

It is a perfect combination which harmonizes the acidity and sweet of the balsamic with the spicy of peppers.

Used for finishing dishes, in salad dressings, cheeses, roasts, jellies, fruit and numerous other preparations.


CLASSIC VINAIGRETTE C0363Try a tomato and mozzarella salad. You will not regret!

Especially developed for those who appreciate the taste of homemade seasoning vinegar-based combined with practicality. Try it!

Ideal for all kinds of salads.


MUSTARD VINAIGRETTE C0364Add a tablespoon of honey to the sauce and see how it looks tasty!

Ideal for use in green leafy salads, legumes, roasts, and in various brown bread sandwiches with pork, offering more lightness, sophistication and taste.


CURRY & CHIVES VINAIGRETTE C0365This spice sauce is an ally to dishes that require a touch of color and joy.

Let it stay in the air the strong aroma and rich curry flavor combined with chives.

Combines well with grilled and roasted meats and salads.

Tip: Impress your friends with a combination of roast beef, nuts, apples and Curry and Chive Cristal vinaigrette sauce. You will not regret!

All our balsamic creams and vinaigrettes are also ideal for vegetarian dishes.

We export the spicy sauces worldwide. For more information contact us.

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