Beer Gordon Finest Chrome

Beer Gordon Finest Chrome

The strong beer Gordon finest chrome with 10.5% alcohol

In the ranking of strong blond beers of this range, beer Gordon finest chrome gives this brew the second place, cleverly justified by the effect of a flexible beer during the introduction, but tremendous during the progress of the tasting.

It makes no immediate explosion, but is spread quickly in the whole palate and no element of the mouth is left without reaction.

The dry bitterness takes hold of the middle of the tongue while the malt elements are released by the sides. It finds its force while you think you got it under control.

This is its great strength and its power of seduction. A high quality product among the others in this range.


With its dark-as-night packaging, Beer Gordon Finest Chrome has all the coolness of a Scottish loch.

Its authentic, thoroughbred taste – brusque in the attack, but then warm on the palate – exudes appeal.

This is a wild, robust beer, weighing in at 10.5% alcohol by volume, whose genuine, bold character fascinates, as it brings a breath of the moors to the heart of urban life and draws on its traditional qualities to create a contemporary feel.

Beer Gordon Finest Chrome is the heir to a magnificent past – all the better to put you in touch with the future.

Drink well chilled at 4° – 6°C.


Alcohol: 10,5%
Colour: Blond
Fermentation: Low
Type: XXXtra Strong Lager
Temperature: 4° – 6°
Available in 50cl

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