Beer Gordon Finest Platinum

Beer Gordon Finest Platinum

Strong beer Gordon finest platinum

An XXXtra Strong lager, Beer Gordon Finest Platinum, a pure gem with great character, is at the very top of the strong lager category.

Its high degree of alcohol gives it a powerful taste and an undeniable virility, heritage of the famous Gordon Highlander regiments. A force to be reckoned with, as though extracted from rocks that are millions of years old.

Try if you can!

The beer Gordon Finest Platinum, the most exclusive of strong sensations; in moderation of course !


The beer Gordon Finest Platinum has a velvety sensation on a bitter but not harsh mantle. Dense in the mouth, it imparts an additional sharper bitterness to the throat toned with some piquancy on the tongue.

It expends all its alcoholic flavor down to the last drop on the palate, where it leaves an excellent, lingering aftertaste. It really must be savoured refreshingly cold in order to preserve the severe nature of its particular and fascinating taste.

Drink well chilled at 4° – 6°C

Beer Characteristics:

Alcohol: 12%
Colour: Blond
Fermentation: Low
Type: XXXtra Strong Lager
Drink Temperature: 4° – 6°
Available Format: 50cl + 75cl

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