Cava Cream Liqueur

Cava Cream Liqueur

Spirits the new Cava Cream Liqueur

In our commitment to develop and market products of cutting edge, with maximum quality, we have launched a cream liqueur, made from cava the new Cava Cream Liqueur.

The origins

Cava Cream Liqueur Bottle
Cava Cream Liqueur Bottle

The subtle and genuine combination is unique in the world; the perfect combination of cava with the finest dairy base, seduces incomparably the most demanding palates.

The making of Cava Cream Liqueur, is performed entirely with Cava from Estremadura in Spain, in its production; the bottles are uncorked one by one to follow a thorough process to adapt to the most stringent quality standards.

The Ideal Cocktail

The Cava Cream liqueur is made with 50% cava (semi dry), produced from the excellent coupage base of grapes macabeo and grapes parellada, providing roundness, smoothness and lightness with citrus hints of lychee flavors and acid fruits. Cava Cream liqueur is ideal for sharing at any time of the day with friends, with desserts or in the most daring nights as an ideal cocktail.

With 15% Vol. and presented in a bottle with 700CC.


The company was founded in 1943. Since then we are dedicated to producing, from the best of each fruit, the most authentic and typical liqueurs with the same quality of yesterday, now backed by the wealth of experience gained over more than half of a century.

Today, we are proud of our history and our work over the years and we and our successors, will continue to participate with the same resolute determination to enhance a tradition that by its peculiar character is probably unique.


Located in the heart of the Spanish Extremadura, our company has a facility of 4,000 m2, in which there are two areas of bottling.

The first one is enabled to the manufacture of liquors, creams, brandy’s and spirits. The bottling plant has a production capacity of 6,000 bottles per hour.

The second one is used for products without alcohol, and also boasts a pasteurizer to ensure the quality of our products. Its production capacity is 1,200 bottles per hour. Currently our production is 2 million liters per year.

Also has three separate places for the location of raw materials, packaging and finished products.

In the main building are our offices, within which our laboratory is located.

Quality and Food safety

The quality policy determines the principles on which based its actions and decisions in the field of quality and hygienic safety, food security, adequate to the purpose of the Organization as a design company, development, marketing and production of liqueurs, creams, non-alcoholic liqueurs and cocktails. In reference to the internal order, it aims to greater efficiency and job satisfaction of its staff.

As a means to achieve recognition and guarantee the quality of its products and services, the Organization has implemented a system of quality management conformity with standard safety quality food BRC Version 6.

The General direction has defined guidelines to carry out the company oriented to the satisfaction of our clients, ensuring all controls and procedures of production and control of documentation. These guidelines set up the quality policy and are as follows:

  • The satisfaction of the client creating a culture within the organization that allows to anticipate the needs of our clients, in order to provide safe products and with the required quality.
  • Ensure the production of safe products to meet the customer’s responsibility and compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements that affect its activity.
  • Have the mechanisms defined within the organization that allow establish and achieve quality objectives
  • Human resources of experience which, together with the appropriate technical means, ensure a uniform quality of our product.
  • Continuous improvement of processes and the training of staff as a way to get the minimization of errors.

BRC Food Certification

Thanks to our continuous improvement in quality and food safety of our products, the company has got the prestigious BRC Food Certification.

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Cava Cream Liqueur unique worldwide.

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