Draft beer Geneviève de Brabant Spéciale

Draft beer Genevieve de Brabant Speciale

Draft Beer from Belgium

This draft beer soft yellow color is an indicator of the presence of hops in modest quantity.

Its fine ingredients, including malt, give it a very rich flavour, and it surprises the palate with a slightly bitter taste.Spéciale de Brabant it’s a draft beer highly refreshing and delicate beer.


Alcohol: 5.3%
Color: Blond
Fermentation: Low
Type: Premium Pils
Temperature: 3° – 5°C
Format: Keg

Glass with beer Geneviève de Brabant SpécialeIn Belgium Brabant is a province of contrasts: forests and hills, town and country, industry set amid the countryside, riches in a rural setting.

What more natural way to celebrate these contrasts than to blend them in a beer which is bound to surprise?

With the purity of its water and the richness of its hops, its thirst-quenching freshness and sweet intoxication, its refinement and its simplicity, Spéciale de Brabant is a beer for all and sundry, yet one for the connoisseurs too.

Tasting this spell-binding product of the Belgian soil is like paying a visit to the heart of the legendary province itself.

Geneviève de Brabant Belgium Beer

In the 16th century, celebrations were at the heart of social life, a just compensation for the harsh, precarious everyday life.

Anything was a good enough excuse to celebrate: births, the gifts of holy bread, or the harvest. Music could be heard throughout the streets and in the pubs, the true meeting places where all gossip was born.

Beer was had at all celebrations: winter games, carnivals, processions, etc. Numerous beers appeared, and each village was proud to have its own brewery.

In Genval, gossip spreads around the tale of Geneviève of Brabant, who was abandoned with her child in the forest before being rescued by a doe. This medieval heroin will later lend her name to traditional blondes, stouts, reds and lager beer.

The Beers from Brabant are based on these old recipes. They are homage to this exceptional heritage that was the golden age of brewers.


Geneviève de Brabant beers are brewed in Belgium, using a traditional method that requires great care and skill.

The beer is composed of more than 90% water – the selected water is critical for a quality product. Due to its geographical origins, Genèvieve de Brabant beer is made from extremely pure water. It is in Genval, in the heart of Brabant Ardennes that the source Bonne Fontaine flows. For more than a century, this thermal water has been recognized for its beneficial properties.

The grains used in the brew are also of great importance, coming mainly from the surrounding fertile land. Wheat, barley and malt are carefully selected by small local producers who value quality.

Some spices such as orange peel and coriander are used sparingly to give Brabant beers their uniqueness.

Whether top-fermented beers or lighter ales, the Genèvieve de Brabant range offers a rich selection of high-value regional products. Each beer is brewed according to a traditional recipe, jealously guarded by our Master Brewer, who is proud to pass on his expertise and passion in each of his creations.

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