Draught Cider Adam’s Apple

Cider Adam's Apple

Dry Cider Adam’s Apple

Its perfect balance between acidity and sugar makes it an aperitif par excellence the Cider Adam’s Apple.

There are so many similarities; you could easily take this cider to be one the great French pearly classics. Its taste evolves and progresses in stages thanks to its discreet and mollifying sparkle, towards an end product stripped of sugar but refined to a point that’s a little more acidic.

Dry Cider Adam’s Apple:

  • Alcohol: 6%
  • Colour: Blond
  • Fermentation: Low
  • Type: Cider
  • Enjoy at the temperature: 4° – 6°

Available in Format: Keg

Draught Cider Adam's Apple glassThis strong Dry Cider is the « Champagne » of pubs, where it is more enjoyed in a flute (champagne glass) than a traditional pint.

The cider Adam’s apple is the irresistible apple, the delicious temptation.

Crafted from the finest apples, this refreshing and fruity cider is a real treat for amateurs.

Taste: Perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. Apple notes in conclusion. Very digest traditional cider.

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Cheers with this wonderful “Champagne” of the pubs.

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