Vinha dos Ingleses Espadeiro Vinho Verde

vinho verde espadeiro

Fabulous Vinho Verde with a light natural gas

Vinha dos Ingleses Espadeiro “Vinho Verde” is composed of – 100% Espadeiro grapes.

The grapes are produced only in the vineyard of the Quinta dos Ingleses. Colored pink (smooth pink), slightly acidic flavor with fresh, fruity, soft and an intense grapes flavor.

With a smooth light natural gas, is a natural and refreshing wine for those long and hot summer days.

Grape variety: Espadeiro
Colour: Pale Ruby
Taste: Fruity with unmatched freshness
Aroma: Intense to the grape variety
Alcohol (% vol.): 10%

The Grapes

espadeiro grapes
Espadeiro Grapes

Espadeiro is grown in the Vinhos Verdes region, where the wine produced by this grape variety is much appreciated.
It may have other names, according to the place where it is cultivated: Espadão, Espadal, etc.
This grape variety is very productive and has big compact bunches made up of medium-sized, uniform berries.
Wines produced with Espadeiro are acidulous and light pink or slightly ruby (when subject to prolonged fermentation on skins). Some cellars produce rosé wine from this grape variety.

Vinho Verde wines are citrus or straw-colored with rich, fruity and floral aromas, depending on the grapes that are used. They have a balanced palate, and are intense and very refreshing.