Lambic Beer Kriek Cuvée René

Lambic Beer Kriek Cuvée René

Traditional Lambic Beer Cuvée René in all its splendour!

Probably our most complex product.

The pretty red Lambic Beer Kriek Cuvée René label with its Art Nouveau style was designed by famous American beer importer Charles Finkel.In order to produce Old Kriek Cuvée René, the cherries ferment in a lambic that is at least six months old in huge 10,000-litre oak barrels called foudres.

After six months, this traditional kriek is bottled in corked 75 cl bottles. The beer will then undergo a spontaneous second fermentation process which, after a few months, will produce the carbon dioxide (CO2) to which this authentic beer owes its carbonation and distinctive foam head.

SINCE: 1961. Our old kriek has been called ‘Cuvée René’ since 2007.
COLOUR: Ruby red with a pinkish-red foam
CALORIES: 55 kcal (100 ml)


Due to the second fermentation process in the bottle, this kriek will keep for years. Like wine, it undergoes a favourable change in taste. The bottles should be stored lying on their sides.


Beer with a pure cherry flavour that is fresh and pleasantly tart, with a masterful sour-sweet balance.

The sweet-sour attack of the stone tannins turns into a sour-sweet finish that lingers for some time. The perfect balance between its sourness and the sweetness of the cherries makes this a refreshing aperitif.


Mild blue cheese (eg. Stilton or Bleu des Causses), bread with cottage cheese and herbs


This is the masterpiece of which I am most proud, as is one of my sons after whom it is named.

What makes this traditional Lambic Beer Kriek Cuvée René special is that it is brewed with whole cherries. Since real Schaerbeek cherries are scarce, Lindemans Brewery has found their perfect equivalence elsewhere in Europe.

It is deep red in colour and its foam head is slightly pink. Very refreshing, this beverage is a perfect thirst-quencher which, thanks to its fizzy and tangy flavour, is ideal as an aperitif.

Available: in bottle with 0.75L and 0.375L

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