Old brandy distilled from wine

Aguardente Vínica Velha “Old brandy distilled from wine”

Winemaker: Rui Moura Alves
Bottle Capacity: 500 ml
Alcohol: 40.0% Vol

Old Brandy Bottle

A good old brandy (Aguardente) is only possible from the distillation in stills from a good wine.

Its slow development for the ideal alcohol level and subsequently aging in small oak barrel (50 liters) were essential to process, over the years by oxygenation, the extraction of aromas, tannins and color.

This old brandy aged over 15 years is presented in a clear and bright. Aroma dominated by alcoholic notes that precede a harmonious recalling the toasted wood in which it aged. On the palate, it develops its aromatic characteristics for a long time, warm and full-bodied.

Should be drunk in a balloon glass, heated solely by the contact of the hands, allowing you to exalt all its aromas.

Revista de Vinhos – N.º 171, Fevereiro 2004
Portuguese Wine Magazine – No. 171, February 2004

It has a beautiful amber color and intense aroma with balsamic notes, varnish and some vegetable. It is a brandy without easy concessions, keeping some harshness of tannins, a stark, clean and persistent style. Note 16, 5 values (0 to 20).

Old Brandy Gift Box

Rui Fiolhais, Recursos Humanos Magazine – Maio/Junho 2003
“… this brandy clear and bright displays an aroma initially dominated by alcoholic notes that precede a sweet and toasty set of good balsamic prolonging. In the mouth it develops its aromatic characteristics for a long time, warm and full-bodied. Taken as a digestive, in a balloon glass in hand, this is a brandy who wants the company of our favorite cigar.”

Being a wine lover we should always try new wines, old brandy and spirits. The old brandy, produced in Portugal, from grapes it’s a wonderfully spirit to flavor after a long meal with friends.

To be perfect gift, to you or friends, we pack this old brandy in one classic and beautiful strong card box. It is a sober and classical packaging, which greatly appreciates this old brandy with over fifteen years.