Organic Chestnut Honey

In Portugal, our mountains give us unique organic products.

With dedication, patience, wisdom and respect for nature, we have gone through hills and valleys, under rain and sun, to pick just the best. From manual work and tradition we bring you BOM – Best of Mountain, that means not only “good” in Portuguese, but also hand-picks each one and delivers a unique worldwide quality.

Organic Chestnut HoneyOrganic Chestnut Honey is a honey with a distinctive flavor. Slightly sweet, with a little bitterness at the end. It is a organic chestnut honey with a high content of minerals, amber/ dark amber color and floral aroma. Very low tendency to crystallization,

Available in 350 grs packaging.

University of Vigo

Honey is one of the foods most commonly used in our society as home medicine for those moments of cough, cold, etc… always hear that honey is good, but good for what?

Thanks to a research study conducted by the University of Vigo, since now we can talk not only solid scientific basis properties of honey in general, but we can realize all the benefits of honey. Coordinated by Professor Carmen Seijo group has detailed the qualities of chestnut honey.

The conclusion of this study is that, this species of monofloral honey has more vitamin C, more minerals and antioxidants that honey made ​​from other flowers.

Chestnut honey known for its energy and antioxidant content but also for its nutritional composition makes as Carmen Seijo professor adds, in a food that helps to regenerate intestinal tissues, stimulating the creation of new tissues and act as natural anti-inflammatory.

Chestnut honey is rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, key elements for good blood circulation.