Sparkling white wine reserve brut

Sparkling white wine reserve brut

The Portuguese Sparkling white wine reserve brut

One very special sparkling white wine from the region of Vinho Verde.

The first thing we notice it’s is cirrus color with golden reflexes.

In the nose its citrus, yellow lemon and tangera with light notes of baking.

In the palate it’s dry, very fruity with good acidity, polished edges, long and persistent.

Consumption temperature recommended: 6/8 °C

Classification: D.O.C. Vinho Verde
Type: Vinho Verde Sparkling Wine / Reserve Brut
Name: Espumante Reserva Bruto

  • Acidity: 5,9 g/dm3
  • pH: 3,35
  • Sugar: 6,1 g/dm3
  • ABV: 12% Vol.


Harvest: 2009
Grapes Varieties: Loureiro and Arinto

Region: North of Portugal Vinho Verde Region
Soil type: Granite derived
Climate: Mediterranean with Atlantic influence


Month: September of 2009
Type: Hand picking


First Fermentation: Stainless steel with controlled temperature, after static decanting.

Maturation: In stainless steel vessels at 8°C.

Second Fermentation: Traditional method, in bottles in the cellar with temperature between 10-12 ° C.

Dégorgement: After 15 months in bottle.

The Portuguese Vinho Verde is unique in the world.

Logo Vinho VerdeExclusively produced in the demarcated region of Vinho Verde in northwestern Portugal, it is only produced from the indigenous grape varieties of the region, preserving its typicity of aromas and flavors as unique in the world of wine.

Sparkling white wine Vinho Verde shares the typical Vinho Verde profile, with enhanced aromatic freshness and a greater complexity of flavors. The consumer’s preference dictates the choice between Brut Natural and Sweet, depending on the concentration of residual sugar, or between Reserve and Grand Reserve, determined by the time in the bottle.

The grapes


Loureiro GrapesAncient and of high-quality, produces wines of citrus color, a fine, elegant aroma, ranging from fruity citrus (lemon) to floral (freesia and rose) and molasses (bouquet), with a fruity flavor with slight acidity, fresh, harmonious, full-bodied and persistent.


Arinto GrapesGrape grown throughout the region. The wines are citrus and straw-colored, and feature a rich aroma of fruity citrus, pome fruit (ripe pear and apple) and flowers (lantana). The taste is fresh, harmonious and persistent.


The vineyard

In the properties, with about 24 hectares of vineyards, you can find the best grape varieties of the region, giving rise to white wines (Loureiro, Alvarinho, Trajadura and Pedernã), much respected in the region.

The harvest is carried out manually, with the separation of grape varieties, to allow a separated vinification, for later the lots being made in accordance with the characteristics of the wines produced.

In our estate, in the north of Portugal, you can find the cellar where all our Vinho Verde is made, with the most recent processes, using exclusively grapes from our own vineyards.

Sparkling white wine reserve brutIf any customers wants can visit the vineyard and cellars. Just book with us and we will show you how our Vinho Verde grows and how it’s made.

In the vineyard you can sample our wines and check one by one.

Export / Deliver

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In addition to the various European routes, we guarantee deliveries to any part of the world, through outsourcing contracts with several freight carriers, using land routes, sea routes and air cargo for special situations.

Our functional structure allows for logistic solutions for any and all requests, with individualized treatment in relation to the nature of the routes, products and the clients themselves.

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