The Grapes of Vinho Verde Alvarinho and Loureiro

Vinho Verde

Premium Vinho Verde grapes Alvarinho and Loureiro

Vinho Verde is home to an astounding 45 indigenous varieties of grapes. Of those there are 9 recommended red and white varieties for winemakers. The red grapes are: Espadeiro, Padeiro and Vinhao. The white grapes are: Alvarinho, Arinto, Avesso, Azal, Loureiro and Trajadura.

But we’re going to focus in on two of the whites – Alvarinho and Loureiro.

Alvarinho (al-vah-REE-nyo; hear it pronounced here) is generally thought to be the finest white grape in Vinho Verde. You might know this grape best from Riax Baixas in Spain where it is called Albarino. With similarities to Viognier (floral qualities and sweet citrus notes) and Riesling (acidity and minerality) it’s easy to see why this variety is so well admired.

While many of the white wine blends in Vinho Verde are semi-sparkling and made to consume young, the single varietal Alvarinho bottlings are almost exclusively still and have very good aging potential. Most plantings of Alvarinho are in the Monção e Melgaço region, located right over the border from Rias Baixas and just like the wines from that region, the examples from Portugal are a slam dunk with seafood.

The Grapes of Vinho Verde Alvarinho and Loureiro

The second grape we are featuring today is Loureiro (loh-REH-row; hear it pronounced here), which is the most widely planted grape variety in Vinho Verde. It is cultivated all over the region and in particular is quite adaptable to the cooler coastal climates. It is indigenous to the Lima Valley in Portugal, but can also be found in the Rias Baixas region in Spain where it is called Loureira.

A light-skinned grape, the name means “laurel” which refers to Laurel flower scent often found in these very aromatic wines. Naturally high in acidity and low in alcohol, it is most commonly used in blends but there are single varietal offerings as well which like Alvarinho tend to be still (and more structured).

We have available two premiums Vinho Verde wines – Alvarinho and Loureiro

White wine Alvarinho bottleAlvarinho White Wine 2015

In first look it has one citrus with golden reflexes colour.

In the palate it’s intense with tropical fruits, enhancing the passion fruit palate, long and persistent. Freshness induced by moderate acidity.

The aroma it’s intense to tropical fruits, with notes of passion fruit and mango.

White Wine Vinho Verde LoureiroWhite Wine Vinho Verde Loureiro 2015

Fantastic Vinho Verde Loureiro with one citrus with greenish reflexes colour.

The aroma is floral, citrus with tropical fruit senses enhancing peach.

In the palate it’s yellow lemon citrus with soft notes of tropical fruits. Long and persistent. Freshness induced by moderated acidity.

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Enjoy the fantastic Portuguese Vinho Verde.