Vinho Verde Branco or White Green Wine

Vinho Verde Branco or White Green Wine

The wonderful Portuguese Vinho Verde or in English the Green Wine.

Vinho Verde is unique in the world.

Its vibrant freshness, elegance, lightness and aromatic and flavorful expressions, especially its fruity and floral notes, are the characteristics that define and differentiate Vinho Verde.

Exclusively produced in the demarcated region of Vinho Verde in northwestern Portugal, it is only produced from the indigenous grape varieties of the region, preserving its typicity of aromas and flavors as unique in the world of wine.

The Wine: Vinha dos Ingleses White Vinho Verde

Grape variety: Trajadura, Pedreña and Loureiro
Colour: Citrine
Taste: Delicate, fresh and fruity
Aroma: Complex and persistent
Alcohol (% vol.): 10%

Our Vinho Verde Vinha dos Ingleses White is composed of the following grapes varieties – 50% Loureiro, 25% Trajadura and 25% Pedreña. White colored citrine. It’s a fantastic and top quality vinho verde.

Very good for fish dishes, seafood and for a relax drinks and taste full drink whenever you want. Especially during the hot summer days.

White Vinho Verde wines are citrus or straw-colored with rich, fruity and floral aromas, depending on the grapes that are used. They have a balanced palate, and are intense and very refreshing.

The Grapes

Loureiro Grapes
Loureiro Grapes


Though existing in almost the entire region of Vinhos Verdes, it is originally from the valley of the River Lima. Although it is a very productive and fertile grape variety, it has only recently been considered “noble”.
Loureiro”s bunches are big and not very compact, while the berries are medium-sized and yellowish or greenish coloured.
Loureiro produces high acidity wines, with very strong floral and fruity aromas.
It produces “monovarietal” wines (single grape variety), but is also often used in blend wines (mixture of several grape varieties), combined with Trajadura and Pederña.

Trajadura Grapes
Trajadura Grapes


Trajadura is originally from the Vinhos Verdes region, particularly the sub-region of Monção, though it has expression in Galicia (Spain). It quickly spread to other sub-regions, being grown in almost the entire region of Vinhos Verdes.
This grape variety has good production. Its bunches are medium-sized, very compact and made up of big yellowish green berries.
Wines produced with this grape variety don”t have intense aromas and are usually a little unbalanced. Trajadura is usually blended with Loureiro or, sometimes, with Alvarinho (grape varieties from the same region and more aromatic), in order to endow the wines with a higher alcohol content and better balance.

Pederna Grapes
Pederna Grapes


Pederña is a very versatile grape variety and, for this reason, it is grown in almost every wine region. Pederña bunch is big, compact and made up of small or medium-sized, yellowish berries. This grape variety is usually used in the production of blend (more than one grape variety) and sparkling wines. Produces high acidity monovarietal wines (single grape variety), which are citrine coloured and markedly floral and fruity (when young).

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