Small Codfish Loins


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The codfish is salted for more than 60 days, cut and soaked by the traditional process to acquire the ideal texture and flavor. Without adding water, glazing, not to create ice and keep all the flavor and nutritional properties.

Frozen in Bag with logo 1Kg.

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Delivery: 2 to 6 weeks

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Export Box: 12 x 1Kg

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Codfish frozen

The Portuguese codfish in small slices

Codfish is a fish that is part of traditional Portuguese cuisine, and is one of the most consumed and appreciated food by the Portuguese people.

For your convenience, we have presented you soaked and deep frozen, fresh fillets and slices.

The drying and salting process is natural and chemicals are not added, and it is therefore preserved their nutritional properties.

We offer a range of fish and sea food with high quality and lots of flavor, which will allows preparing delicious and healthy dishes.

Portuguese company and since its foundation connected to the transformation of frozen food products in a large scale; fish, sea food and vegetables, with its own brand.

Also extends our business for the production of other private brands and generic supermarkets. It became a landmark on the frozen food products, thanks to the efforts and commitment of all its human team, the best price / quality and excellence in client service.

We do not sell any species that is in danger of extinction.

The sizes of the fishing net we use allow young species and protected species are not captured.

Our industry scrupulously respects the quality directives imposed by European standards to ensure the sustainability of natural resources