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  • An XXXtra Strong lager, Gordon Finest Platinum, a pure gem with great character, is at the very top of the strong lager category. Its high degree of alcohol gives it a powerful taste and an undeniable virility, heritage of the famous Gordon Highlander regiments. Gordon Finest Platinum, the most exclusive of strong sensations; in moderation of course!

  • In the ranking of strong blond beers of this range, Gordon gives this brew the second place, cleverly justified by the effect of a flexible beer during the introduction, but tremendous during the progress of the tasting. It makes no immediate explosion, but is spread quickly in the whole palate and no element of the mouth is left without reaction.

  • Titanium beer is not at all like the others. Loyal to the name designation, it perpetuates strength from the noose on, aligning immediately the body and the taste in a most elegant way. Strictness and frivolity are bordering with a perfect combination, to a perfumed blend of malts when entering, joint by a bitter rounded character. To be taken in moderation!

  • Brewed exclusively for John Martin while he developed his business on the European continent. Of course, the taste characteristics are similar to those of the traditional Irish one, but raised to a higher level: that goes especially for the alcohol content by volume of 8%, giving this beer an explosive taste of roasted malt and smoked wood and liquorice,...

  • British Brewer John Martin honored this tradition when he landed in Antwerp in 1909 by using the unique dry hopping technique. For this technique, extra hop flowers are added at the end of the fermentation process to give the beer a fruity aroma and a bitter yet balanced flavour. Martin's IPA, the perfect alliance between British character and Belgian...

  • Along with aromatic hops which give it that distinctive dry bitterness that you notice right from the first sip, the fine malts used also entail the exceptional flavour – a touch of character, but not too intense. Enjoy "The famous Pale Ale from Antwerp since 1909”

  • Martin’s Real Aleis an unfiltered, non-pasteurized draught beer. This is a special beer deliver in keg's.

  • Beer Bourgogne des Flandres is the real taste of Bruges. The mixed fermentation is what makes this beer so special. The top-fermented brown ale is subtly blended with the best spontaneously fermented lambic, which is then matured in oak barrels for many months. It is this process that gives the red-brown beer a rich, creamy finish.

  • This beer is brewed from the finest ingredients, including wheat, as is typical for the best Belgian white beers. A touch of coriander gives it a subtle acidity. Blanche de Brabant tastes even better with a touch of lemon. Drink well chilled at 4° - 5°C.

  • A beer of enticing, warm-hearted simplicity, whose discrete flavour reveals a dry bitterness, all the more pronounced in contrast with the drink’s freshness. Very refreshing this well-balanced blond ale is a delight to the palate. Drink well chilled at 4° - 6°C.

  • With a mischievous nose, this characterful, racy and wily brown ale quickly awakens your senses to gently full-bodied flavours that are almost akin to a scent but are true to the beer’s original roasted malt. It is swathed in a bouquet of hops and refreshed with orange zest, while releasing a subtle hint of chicory.

  • Beer with soft yellow colour shows a modest presence of hop. The noble ingredients amongst which the malt, give it a very rich flavour. This delicious beer surprises the palate with a slightly bitter taste. Pils de Brabant : a most refreshing, delicate beer.

Showing 1 - 12 of 57 items