Campilho Mineral Sparkling Water 0.25L


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Carbonated Water Campilho.

Classified as bicarbonated sodium, gasocarbon and with an excellent concentration of mineral salts.

These waters are a great digestive and help replenish minerals that the body needs.

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Export Box: 12 Glass bottles
Shelf Life 3 Years

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The bubbles water!

Campilho sparkling water carbonated with natural gas.

Glass bottle with 0.25L

Born inTras-os-Montes on the outskirts ofVidago - Portugal, coldandacidic pH. The name of the water Campilho was the owner's name that discovered at the end of the century XIX.

Classified as sodium bicarbonate, carbonic and as an excellent concentration of minerals. These waters are a great digestive and help restore the minerals that the body needs.

Waters classic and marked (strongly carbonated water) are suitable for the entrances and first courses ... because they stimulate the appetite.

For salads, effervescent waters are the most suitable. For seafood, are more suitable still waters, but also the lights without gas, producing a contrast of flavors, leaving additional textures on the palate.

For first courses and main dishes, whether meat or fish, still waters, slightly gaseous or effervescent, are the most suitable. However, red meat play better with fizzy water or classic sparkling waters.

Desserts must be accompanied by sparkling or still waters to prevent heartburn and help digest food.

The ideal water temperature at the time of consumption is between 12 º and 16 º.

Premium quality sparkling water.