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White Wine Monte de Seda Bag in Box 5 liters


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The Wine from the Alentejo

Colour: Citrine.

In the nose it is aromatic wine with notes of tropical fruits.

In the palate it is fresh and lively, intense and balanced.

Please consume at the temperature of 8 to 10ºC.

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Alentejo White Wine

White Wine from the Alentejo Bag in Box

It’s environmentally conscious, good value, stylish, carefully sourced, delicious, and banishes the question: “Is it worth opening a bottle?”

The main advantage to bag-in-a-box packaging is that it prevents oxidation of the wine during dispensing. After opening, wine in a bottle it is oxidized by air in the bottle which has displaced the wine poured; wine in a bag is not touched by air and thus not subject to oxidation until it is dispensed. Cask wine is not subject to cork taint or spoilage due to slow consumption after opening.

Very good solution not only for having it at home but also for restaurants and bars that serve wine by glass.

Entry-level white wine from the Alentejo

Wonderful white wine from the Alentejo region, it’s not a wine to keep in the cellar. It’s a white wine to be drunk now. It’s not a pretentious white wine; it’s fresh, lively, intense and balanced.

With one citrine color, it’s one aromatic wine with notes of tropical fruits.

In the palate it’s fresh and lively , intense and balanced.

Please enjoy the wine at the temperature of 8 / 10ºC.

Some food ideas:
Grilled red gurnard with garlic and lemon, Peri-Peri prawns, Blackened chicken with green salad, Seafood rice (arroz de marisco), Asparagus tart, Grilled tuna steak, Stuffed red peppers, Burritos with chicken and cilantro, etc.

Classification: Vinho Regional Alentejano
Type: White
Brand name: Monte de Seda – White 2015

  • Acidity: 5,4 g/dm3
  • pH: 3,32
  • Sugar: 0,6 g/dm3
  • ABV: 13% Vol.


Harvest: 2016
Varieties: Arinto and Antão Vaz

Region: North Alentejo – Portugal
Soil type: Mediterranean of granite origin.
Climate: Mediterranean, with a subtle continentality during Spring/Summer.


Date: September of 2016
Type: Manual/Hand picking


Fermentation: Stainless steel
Maturation: In stainless steel vessels at 8°C

The grapes

Arinto GrapesARINTO

Arinto is such a versatile variety that it has spread through most of Portugal.

It produces fresh, tense and vibrant wines with high natural acidity and marked mineral profile with good ageing potential. Unyielding acidity is Arinto’s calling card, and it is precisely for that reason that it is described as being the Alentejo’s best blending variety.

While Arinto is most famed in the Bucelas denominated wine region, where it is traditionally bottled as a varietal wine, in the Alentejo its grapes are used more in blends to provide that all-important acidity. It has a discreet aroma with no pretensions of exuberance or intensity, showing notes of green apple, lemon and lime accompanied by a vegetal character and mineral pungency. In specific cases it may take on a tropical character, evoking the exoticism of passion fruit.

Lengthy macerations and fermentations at low temperature put back any lustre that may have been lost. Oak fermentation also suits Arinto, although ageing potential in bottle is lost in this process.

Antao Vaz GrapesANTÃO VAZ

The origins of the Antão Vaz grape varieties are extremely vague; little is known of its provenance other than it originates from the Alentejo. As it has not travelled much out of the region, Antão Vaz has no other synonyms.

The variety is loved by vine growers and winemakers alike, ex libris of the Alentejo and heart and soul of its finest white wines.

Being a hot-climate grape variety, Antão Vaz is particularly well-suited to the Alentejo’s sun-drenched plains and highly resistant to drought and disease. It has consistently reliable yields which ripen evenly. As a rule it produces perfumed, well-structured, firm and full-bodied wines.

When bottled as a varietal wine, Antão Vaz shows aromas of ripe tropical fruit, tangerine peel with discreet mineral notes.

Alentejo Region

Wines from AlentejoThere is something fortifying and liberating about the Alentejo landscape, with its never-ending space, its immense undulating plains, huge skies of the deepest blue, its infinite horizon… and the people, calm and unruffled folk, immensely proud of their homeland. The scenery flows smoothly from vineyard to wheat field, a deep green at the end of winter, the colour of straw at the end of spring and burned ochre during the searing summer months. The unmistakable shapes of cork-oaks and holm oaks line the horizon, symbols of a region covering one third of continental Portugal.

The characteristic flatness of the Alentejo, and consequent lack of physical barriers to block the condensation of humidity coming from the sea, removes any hint of Atlantic influence in the region. But the few hill ranges that do exist are responsible for the distinctive character of each of the sub-regions, providing singular conditions for vine growing throughout the Alentejo.

What all Alentejo wines have in common is the offer of endless pleasure, whether red, rosé or white. Wines filled with aromatic exuberance, rounded and smooth wines with the unique capacity to be drunk young… secure in the knowledge that they will age with distinction.