Italian Beer for Meat

I.G.A. Italian Grape Ale Italian Beer for Meat

Italian Beer for Meat it’s an Ale Red, firm, tasty.

Pairs very well with a nice mixed grill of meat, the radio playing our song, friends. Continue reading “Italian Beer for Meat”

Italian Beer for Fish

White beer “blanche” Italian beer for fish

This Italian beer for fish it’s white, light and spicy.

Delicious for pairing with a mixed fried fish dish, the sound of the waves, the scent of the sea. Continue reading “Italian Beer for Fish”

Italian Beer For Cheese

American Pale Ale Italian Beer for Cheese

Craft Italian beer for cheese with blonde color, light, but rich in taste.

This craft beer it’s delicious with a cheese platter in the calm of the mountain. Continue reading “Italian Beer For Cheese”