Draught beer Pils

Geneviève de Brabant draught beer pils

In the draught beer pils de Brabant you will encounter the sunshine – the infrequent sunshine – of Belgium which so warms the heart.

A mere sip is enough to transport you to its northern regions. But drink your fill, for the story has it that one Pope’s wits were so befuddled by beer that he had Gambrinus canonized as St Arnold! Continue reading “Draught beer Pils”

Beer Pale Ale

Martin’s beer Pale Ale

Who isn’t familiar with Martin’s beer Pale Ale, once dubbed “the most noble of English pale ales”?

This unique beer pale ale is the result of the exceptional traditional technique of dry hopping as genuine Kent hops are added after the brewing process, at low temperature, so that only the finest of the hops’ aromas and flavours are transmitted to the beer. Continue reading “Beer Pale Ale”