White Wine Grillo

White Wine Grillo

Italian white wine Grillo from the Sicilian region in Italy.

White wine Grillo with one aroma intense and persistent with tropical fruit and white flowers.

In the palate is elegant and fresh with excellent length.

Enjoy it with white meat, mushrooms risotto and cheeses.

This white wine it’s excellent as an aperitif.

Serving temperature: 12° to 14°C
ABV: 12.5%

Area of production: Marsala and Trapani
Soil type: Medium compact, limestone-based
Planting Density: 3000 plants per hectare
Pruning system: Guyot


White Vinification without oxygen, with cold maceration, static decantation and fermented at 15°C.
Storage: 3 months in stainless steel followed by 3 months in bottle.

We export the white wine Grillo worldwide.

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White Wine Grillo bottleThe Grillo grapes

Grillo is a Sicilian white grape variety most famous for its role in the island’s fortified Marsala wines. It is still widely planted on Sicily despite Marsala’s fall from fashion, and is now used most commonly in a variety of still white wines, both varietal and blended. Grillo, when vinified to a high standard, makes a fresh, light white wine with nutty, fruit-driven flavors that include lemon and apple.

Grillo is well suited to the hot, dry Sicilian climate. Its high levels of sugar and the ease with which it oxidizes make it a good option for fortification.

Happily, as focus has shifted from quantity to quality, Sicilian producers are beginning to revisit and replant Grillo, particularly as viticultural and vinicultural techniques have improved. Winemakers are now able to control thiols more easily, giving Grillo wines with more pleasant, fruit-driven aromas rather than the rather more earthy styles that were previously available. Some commentators have suggested that this is not a true expression of the variety.

Grillo has become a viable contender for the quintessential Italian table white: light, easy-drinking and often associated with very good value.