Natural Sparkling wine Reserve Brut


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With clear appearance, fine bubble, persistent and soft.

Temperature to serve: 5º/6º

Conservation: Bottle lying down

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Natural Sparkling Reserve Brut harvest 2013

Quality Sparkling Wine - Classic Method

The wine that gave rise to this sparkling wine is the result of careful selection of existing varieties in our vineyard dominated Maria Gomes and Bical grapes.

For this sparkling wine were basic, very careful viticulture throughout the year particularly in relation to phytosanitary treatments, maturation control and the cutting of the grapes at the optimum time for the preparation of the base wine.

The cellaring afterChampenoise” for an appropriately created the conditions necessary for proper harmony of this natural brut sparkling wine, it is therefore not necessary to resort to the addition of sugar (the law allows 15 grams per liter). It is therefore considered natural brut.


Maria Gomes or Fernão Pires

Fernão Pires is one of the most planted white grape varieties in Portugal. It is grown in the centre and south areas, especially in Bairrada (where it is known as Maria Gomes), Estremadura, Ribatejo and Setúbal.
Fernão Pires is very early-ripening, which makes it one of the first Portuguese grape varieties to be harvested. Besides, as it is very sensitive to frost, it develops better in fertile soils of temperate or hot climate.
This grape variety has good alcohol content and low or medium acidity, which makes the wines produced from or blended with Fernão Pires have intense floral aromas.


This grape variety is typical of the Beiras region, namely Bairrada and Dão, where it is known as "Borrado das Moscas". In the nineteen eighties, a technological revolution took place in Bairrada, bringing up all the qualities of Bical and making it one of the most important grape varieties in the region, side by side with Maria Gomes.
Bical is early-ripening, which makes its berries keep a high acidity. It is very resistant to rottenness but particularly sensitive to powdery mildew.
Wines produced with this grape variety are very aromatic, fresh and well-structured. In Bairrada, Bical is much used in the production of sparkling wine.

Winemaker: Rui Moura Alves
Harvest year: 2013
Region: Bairrada
Capacity: 750ml
Ingredients added: sulfites
Manufacturing process: classical method
Type: natural brut
Grapes: Maria Gomes and Bical
Alcohol: 12.7% Vol
Total acidity: 7.00
Fixed acidity: 6.60
Total SO2: 108
Sugars: Without any added sugar in the “degorgement”.
Pressure (bar): 5.9

Color: Citrine
Appearance: clear
General appreciation: fine bubble, persistent and soft.
Temperature to serve: 5/6º
Conservation: bottle lying down
Time limit for consumption: no set date, about 5 years.