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  • Beer Apple
    Beer Apple

    Symbolic of nearly 2,000 years of tradition. Apple is the youngest of...

  • Beer Cassis
    Beer Cassis

    Our best kept secret. Yet what potential! You won't be able to resist...

  • Beer Pecheresse
    Beer Pecheresse

    Born of a fling between a lambic and peach juice... One of our greatest...

  • Beer Framboise
    Beer Framboise

    A stunning success in the United States... and at all major receptions!...

  • Beer Faro
    Beer Faro

    In 1978, the brewery brought Faro beer to centre stage. A true local...

  • Red Gin
    Red Gin

    Its bright red colour is due to the pure sour cherry juice added to the...

  • Clear Gin
    Clear Gin

    The clear Lindemans premium gin is the result of an infusion of 15...

  • Beer Kriek Cuvée René
    Beer Kriek Cuvée René

    Traditional kriek in all its splendour! Probably our most complex...


Our line of food products that are delivered non-frozen.

All products are always delivered with the maximum expiration date possible.

Food There are no products in this category.


  • Cheeses

    Our Portuguese cheeses, flamengo cheese and traditional cheeses.

  • Canned Vegetables

    Our premium line of canned vegetables.

    Including our line of mix vegetables and olives.

  • Canned Fish

    All the line of canned fish. Tuna fish, mackerel, sardines, etc.