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  • CAROLINO LONG RICE Discover this kind of carolino rice with a uniform grain. With an extraordinary capacity for water absorption, doubling its size, it’s perfect for your risottos.

  • EXTRA MEDIUM CAROLINO RICE It’s the rice of the moment, fantastic for one of the dishes that earned more followers in today’s kitchen: the Sushi. But it is also the rice once widely used decades ago in our kitchens in traditional dishes.

  • One premium red wine with 100% Sangiovese grape variety. Sangiovese is the most widely planted grape variety in Italy. Virtually synonymous with the wines of Tuscany. This grape variety it’s also well adapted to our terroir and gives us one wine with wine with wild fruit blended with fresh coffee, bitter chocolate and wood toast. It is an elegant, exotic,...

  • Red Table Wine Cavalo Maluco or Crazy Horse (in English) is a red wine with a deep red garnet color. It is a rich and very complex wine with aromas to floral notes, black fruits, sweet chocolate and spices. In the mouth it shows vigorous but fine tannins, creating an elegant structure with a long finish. Complex blend of grapes varieties Touriga Franca,...

  • Red Table Wine This is a red wine with a deep red garnet color. It is a red wine with a fantastic aroma of ripe plums and berries. In the mouth is an engaging wine, very balanced and with a very long finish. Marvelous blend with the grapes varieties Aragonez, Touriga Nacional, Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Red Table Wine This is a red wine on the nose is intense and refreshing with a aroma of plum and red berries. It is a red wine with a lively and lively acidity with present but not aggressive tannins. A fantastic blend of grape varieties Aragonez, Touriga Nacional and Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Rosé Wine Sangiovese This elegant rosé wine it’s a wine with Sangiovese grape variety, but it’s not an Italian wine. It’s a true elegant Portuguese rosé wine. This grape variety it’s also well adapted to our terroir and give us one wine with wine with aroma intense but discreet to tangerine and green plum. Has extraordinary balance between acidity and...

  • White Table Wine It is a fantastic white wine with a clear, light-colored. In the nose have a very initial subtle aroma to pineapples, followed by fruits of white pulp, apple and pear. In the mouth is refreshing but with non-aggressive acidity, rather full of elegance. We can say without doubt that it is a wine very elegant.

  • White Table Wine White wine with an intense aroma with citrus notes. In the mouth is strong but with non-aggressive acidity in the mouth, with a solid minerality. One fantastic blend of grapes varieties with 80% Arinto and 20% Galego Dourado.

  • Symbolic of nearly 2,000 years of tradition. Apple is the youngest of our range of lambic beers. A mixture of several selected varieties of apples and a young lambic that is at least one year old.

  • Our best kept secret. Yet what potential! You won't be able to resist it. Lindemans Cassis has been remarkably successful as an aperitif. Served in a flute, its colour and beautiful purple foam provide the most beautiful effect. A lambic that is at least one year old in which a filtrate of carefully selected blackcurrants will macerate.

  • Born of a fling between a lambic and peach juice... One of our greatest classics. French-speaking consumers know that the name Pecheresse is a clever combination of the French words for 'peach' and 'sinful'. A young lambic that is at least one year old, in which 30% filtrate of fresh peaches will macerate.

Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items