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  • A local folklore beer - Gouyasse meaning Goliath in the local dialect. Alcohol 6% ABVT° service between 5 and 8°C Color: BlondeAromas: Malt and hop freshness which evokes natureFlavors: Malt and fruit with a hint of citrusAgreements: A Sabayon prepared with Gouyasse is delicious.

  • One very special beer for the winter time. Alcohol: 7% ABV T° service: Between 8 and 12°C Color: Amber Available in: 33cl bottle.

  • A moderate fruity taste and a balanced flavour of hops with an extended bitterness. Was elected as ‘Best Belgian Blond Beer of Wallonia’ and ‘one of the Best Belgian triple beers’ according to the professional magazine Vino. Alcohol: 9% ABVT° service: Between 8 and 12°CColor: GoldenAromas: Fruity and lightFlavors: Balanced hop flavour with prolonged...

  • Flavour of malt and fruit with a light hint of citrus. Light and refreshing. Color: Clear yellowAromas: A malt and hop freshness which evokes natureFlavors: Malt and fruit with a hint of citrusAlcohol: 9% Enjoy it at 4°C. Available in: 33cl, 75cl and 150cl bottle.

  • A powerful and smooth black beer, creamy and a tasty mocha and chocolate flavouring, aromatic bouquet. Chosen as the ‘Best Belgian Dark Beer of Wallonia 2012’. Did you know that… Hercule Poirot, the famous private detective, was born on the 1st of April 1850 in Ellezelles. Alcohol: 9%

  • A dry beer with a constant bitterness. Malt, hops and caramel aroma, according to the original 1884 recipe. Chosen as the ‘Best Belgian Amber Beer of Wallonia 2012’. Alcohol: 5%

  • The beer with blackcurrant juice. A soft and refreshing red beer with a pronounced flavouring of blackcurrant and red fruit. Taste the lightness of the fruit! Alcohol: 3%

  • Following the success of its Strawberry Lager sister beer, the dark Bobeline beer decided to reinvent itself… so here is beer Bobeline Black Label! The ultimate connoisseur’s beer, Bobeline Black Label combines power and sweetness. It is a 8.5° warm and velvety beer that is full of character. Taste it straight away! Alcohol: 8.5%

  • Now that Spring has returned, we also want to taste fresher and fruitier products. As its name indicates, Strawberry Lager is a strawberry-flavoured lager. It is very light, with an alcohol content of 3.6°, and will be quite perfect for pre-dinner drinks. Bobeline Strawberry is now available in two kinds of containers: 33cl bottles or a 30L Keg.

  • Beer Bobeline lager is a refermented bottled 8.5° beer. It is full-bodied and has a thick head. When you taste it, you notice a fruity, slightly zesty and spicy taste.

  • Beer blonde top-fermented beer that was carefully crafted by the St-Feuillien Brewery for the delicious Belgian and Brussels cuisine. Sweet-tasting yet strong Belgian beer. This new beer is a delicate blend of pale malts, spring and winter barley and a rare variety of hops from Germany and Central Europe.

  • Grisette Blonde is a pale ale that is very refreshing in summer. When drunk at a moderate temperature, it releases aromas of a richness that it is seldom found in other beers of this strength. Its head is smooth and white and it has a light yellow colour. Alcohol: 4.5%

Showing 1 - 12 of 48 items