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Our line of organic wines from Italy.

Available Red, White, Rosé and Sparkling BIO wines from Italy.

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  • Italian organic white wine with a pale yellow color with warm golden hues. Bouquet Intense, characterized by fruity and floral notes. In the mouth it’s typically soft flavor, long persistence with elegant almond flavor. One organic white wine for pairing well with pasta dishes, with fish and white meat. Alcohol content: 12%vol

  • Organic red wine with excellent structural quality, full, robust, rich color. It has a ruby red color tending to garnet with aging. With an aroma intense, vinous, slightly herbaceous perfume; young reminiscent of raspberries Truly tannic, harmonious and velvety. Excellent organic red wine. Served with roast, fried and stewed dishes, white and red meats or...

  • Organic Italian white wine, with 100% Chardonnay bio grapes. It’s a wine with a pale yellow color with warm golden hues. With an intense bouquet of fruity and floral notes, with touches of golden delicious apples and bread crust. A typically smooth slavour, lingering and elegant. Alcohol content: 12,2% vol

  • White organic wine produced with grapes Pinot Grigio that grown on our own land, excellent for the high content of clay and lime. This wine has a pale colour with coppery hues. Great personality, dry flavour, intense lingering bouquet that calls bread crusts and dried grass. To be served with first courses, dishes of baked fish and shellfish, semi-matured...

  • Organic red wine without sulphites. Red wine with excellent structure, full-bodied, robust, rich ruby red colour tending to garnet. Aroma with intense winy bouquet, slightly grassy, with notes of raspberries. In the mouth is well-orchestrated and smooth. Alcohol content: 12% vol.

  • Organic white wine without sulphites. It’s a wine with pale yellow colour and warm golden hues. In the nose it’s intense, with marked fruity and floral notes. White wine with typical smooth flavour, lingering and elegant tones of almonds. Alcohol content: 12% vol.

  • Organic red wine without sulphites. It’s a wine with a deep red colour with magenta shades, and it’s an austere wine with marked inklings of berries and moss. Dry and full bodied to the palate. Alcohol content: 12% vol.

  • Organic red wine without sulphites. With a deep ruby red colour and garnet hues. In the nose it shows delightful notes of vacilla, due to the balanced mallowing in oaken barrels. A dry full-bodied flavour, tanning at the beginning, which develops into spicy notes of an excellent complexity and resistance. Alcohol content: 12% vol.

  • A red organic wine with a strong character, deep ruby red colour with light garnet hues; elegant and winy. Pleasant vanilla notes due to the balanced mellowing in oak barrels A dry full-bodied flavour, tannin at the beginning, which develops into spicy notes of excellent complexity and resistance Best drunk with red meat roasts, game and the like. Serve...

  • A organic red wine made from selected bunches of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso grapes. It has a garnet red colour, typical full bouquet with strong notes of vanilla, and a dry, velvety and pleasantly bitter flavour. Ideal for red meat roasts, braised dishes and game. It should be uncorked 2-3 hours before serving and served at 18°C

  • This elegant organic white wine is made from chardonnay grapes; it has a pale yellow colour with notes of ripe fruit, bread crusts and vanilla, due to the fermentation in small oak casks. Slightly spicy, sober and ethereal. Excellent with fish baked in foil or roast or with white meats. Serving Temperature: Served at 8-10° C

  • Organic Italian white wine with 100% Chardonnay bio grapes. Very elegant white wine and if it is drunk young it is extremely fine, thanks to its rather high fixed acidity level. Bouquet that recalls golden delicious apples and almond flavour. Enjoy it as an aperitif, or with light antipasti and soups, with dishes based on eggs, noble fish and shellfish....

Showing 1 - 12 of 25 items