Beer Pecheresse

Beer Pecheresse

Lambic Beer Pecheresse or peach beer.

Born of a fling between a lambic and peach juice… One of our greatest classics the beer pecheresse.

French-speaking consumers know that the name Pecheresse is a clever combination of the French words for ‘peach’ and ‘sinful’.A young lambic beer that is at least one year old, in which 30% filtrate of fresh peaches will macerate.

A fresh fruit beer that is golden in color. It has a bright and full-bodied flavour as well as a nice balance between the sweet taste of the peach and the sourness of the lambic.

Available Since: 1987
CALORIES: 53 kcal (100 ml)

COLOUR: Golden blond, slightly cloudy

CONSERVATION TIP: The bottles should be stored lying on their sides.

  • Salad: Salad Nicosia and Waldorf salad.
  • Meat: Grilled chicken, caramelized pork and Peking duck.
  • Cheese: goat cheese soufflés.
  • Dessert: Peach Melba, sorbet, Belgian waffles and crêpes.


Beer Pecheresse bottleAs its name suggests, Pecheresse is a lambic beer enriched with peach juice. And this fruit lambic beer is a real peach!

It is nice to drink at any time of day. Or on a sunny patio.

Personally, I enjoy it with my girlfriends. And what we talk about is of no concern to you.


Bottle with 0.75L, 0.375L, 0.25L and Key Keg 20L

Lambic Beer

Spontaneous fermentation is carried out without the controlled addition of yeast to the wort.

It happens naturally, thanks to the micro-organisms in the air.

This exceptional brewing method, which is the oldest in the world, has been developed in our region from time immemorial.

This natural technique requires patience and a unique know-how that we have mastered at the brewery here for almost 200 years.


Lambic with the addition of raspberry (framboise), peach (pêche), blackcurrant (cassis), grape (druif), or strawberry (aardbei), as either whole fruit or syrup. Other, rarer fruit lambic flavorings include apple (pomme), banana (banane), pineapple (ananas), apricot (abricot), plum (prune), cloudberry (plaquebière), lemon (citron), and blueberry (myrtille).

Fruit lambics are usually bottled with secondary fermentation. Although fruit lambics are among the most famous Belgian fruit beers, the use of names such as kriek, framboise or frambozen, cassis, etc. does not necessarily imply that the beer is made from lambic.

Many of the non-traditional fruit beers derived from lambic that were commercialized in the last decades are considered to be low quality products by many beer enthusiasts. These products are typically artificially sweetened, artificially carbonated, sterilized, and based on syrups instead of whole fruit. It’s not the case of our lambic beer Pecheresse.

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Cheers with one blonde Pecheresse…