Wines from the Tejo Region in Portugal

Templarios Wines Tejo Region

Fantastic wines from the Tejo Region.

Portugese wines are unique in Europe and Tejo Region is unique in Portugal. Sarah Abbott, the British Master of Wine called the Tejo Region “the Bordeaux of Portugal”.

The old passion of winemaking in Tejo region now continues in our family winery pursuing the traditions of a Templar city in the art and science of Viticulture & Enology.

Tejo Region is a province of fertile plains and gentle climate, heavily influenced by the River Tagus (Tejo) running through it. Our estate winery is located in the limestone area north of the river (bairro), near the Tomar city.


Tomar City StreetHistorical Background Founded in the century XII, Tomar was conquered from the Moors by King Afonso Henriques and donated to the Templars, the major drivers of the region to promote agricultural colonization, extending the cultivation areas of the vine. The vineyard is in this fertile agricultural region for several centuries. The diversity of soil and river resources proved to be excellent natural conditions favorable to the cultivation of the vine.

Harvest in the vineyardVineyard

The vineyards are planted in deep soil origin of schist and clay-limestone, dry surface and rich in water in the transition to the ground. Endowed with water drop-by-drop to control the level of water stress, the vineyards have systems that ensure better driving sun exposure and aeration of the vine, matures achieving more balanced and the production of high quality grapes. All this care, together with the conversion of old vines in  a  graduated  and  phased  in  time,  give  practical  meaning  to  the  theory  “The  wine  is  made  in  the  vineyard”. Tradition & Know-how a perfect combination between tradition, technology and know-how combined with a rigorous selection of native and noble grapes, under the supervision of an experienced team led by oenologist Hernâni Carvalho, allow us to produce great wines recognized in national and international competitions.

The grapes of the harvest in boxesTraditional wine from the Tejo Region with hand-picked grapes.

We export the Tejo Region wines worldwide.

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