Vinho Verde Summer Wine

Vinho Verde Summer Wine

Vinho Verde it’s a really the Summer Wine

Nothing more deliciously and wonderful on a hot summer day than Vinho Verde glass or bottle.

Vinho Verde (green wine in English) name refers to the natural characteristics of the region, which produce dense green foliage, but which also contribute to the wine’s profile with freshness and lightness. It is this youthfulness that the wine is named after, in comparison to other more complex and weighty wines.

Vinho Verde “young wine,” so called since it is released three to six months after harvest. The result is a light, easygoing wine with a very slight fizz.

Loureiro or Alvarinho grapes white varietals known for their acidity and aromatics, this is seriously one of the most refreshing things you will ever drink. It’s low in alcohol with flavors that can include crisp apple, stony minerality, and citrus flavors like lime and lemon.

This is a wine that drinks well without any accompaniment, though it pairs nicely with a host of dishes, including salads, seafood, Asian cuisine, and chicken.

Vinho Verde is unique in the world.

Logo Vinho VerdeExclusively produced in the demarcated region of Vinho Verde in northwestern Portugal, it is only produced from the indigenous grape varieties of the region, preserving its typicity of aromas and flavors as unique in the world of wine.

Why do we suggest you try Vinho Verde this summer?

Low in alcohol – 8 – 12% – which means you won’t wilt in the blazing heat of a hot summer’s day.

A high acidity wine, there’s also an ever so slight spritz which gives a refreshing beachy-salty hint. No matter if the closest you get to the ocean is the blow up kiddie pool.

Vinho Verde is a fairly neutral wine. You’ll mainly get flavours of citrus rind & ‘green’ apple, sometimes a herbal hint of white flowers. Which means easy breezy light drinking.

It makes a great mixer. Whip up a jug for your fabulous friends with fresh fruit or some guava juice. We like to go with cucumber, strawberries and mint leaves over ice cubes. Yes, yes you can have wine with ice if you so desire!

Most Vinho Verde goes great with those summer staples like fresh fish and barbecues. Or yes, yes, a Portuguese chicken burger.

White Wine Vinho Verde LoureiroWhite Wine Vinho Verde Loureiro

Fantastic Vinho Verde Loureiro with one citrus with greenish reflexes colour.

The aroma is floral, citrus with tropical fruit senses enhancing peach.

In the palate it’s yellow lemon citrus with soft notes of tropical fruits.

Long and persistent. Freshness induced by moderated acidity.

White Wine Vinho Verde AlvarinhoWhite Wine Vinho Verde Alvarinho

Citrus color with golden reflexes.

In the nose it’s intense to tropical fruits, with notes of passion fruit and mango.

In the palate it’s intense to tropical fruits, enhancing the passion fruit palate, long and persistent. Freshness induced by moderate acidity.

Rose Wine Vinho Verde EspadeiroRose Wine Vinho Verde Espadeiro

Beautiful light salmon rose color.

Aroma fruity to raspberry, red berries and fresh strawberries.

In the palate is dry, light, and fresh due to its good acidity, citrus, stands the very fresh red fruits intense.

Red Wine Vinho Verde VinhãoRed Wine Vinho Verde Vinhão

Colour: Violet red.

In the nose it’s young red fruits such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

In the palate it’s full-bodied and persistent, with mature berries, long and complex in the mouth, very fresh and young.

Logo Vinho VerdeThe Vinho Verde is:

It’s refreshing.

Vinho Verde translates to “green wine.” This isn’t a reference to its color, though. Instead, it refers to the wine’s youth. Verde wines are meant to be enjoyed while they are still young, when their natural acidity is at its most vibrant. They typically feature delicate flavors that may include light citrus, floral notes, and hints of minerality. In a given bottle, you might detect notes of melon, green apple, or even peach.

It comes in more varietals than just white.

You don’t have to be a strict white-wine drinker to enjoy a Vinho Verde wine, as they come in white, red, and even rosé varieties, and the drink’s bright acidity is exceedingly common throughout them all.

It pairs well with … well, everything.

The whites pair well with a wide range of foods, making them well suited to just about any summer occasion. But they go especially well with lighter fare such as fish, salads, sushi, and other summer-dinner staples. They also tend to be a bit lighter on alcohol content, which can be welcome on those truly hot summer days.

It has just a tiny bit of sparkle.

You won’t find the same bubbles as you would in a glass of champagne, but many Vinho Verde wines do have just the slightest bit of effervescent sparkle.

Vegan LogoVinho Verde it’s fine with Vegan food?

Yes our Vinho Verde wine it’s certified by The Vegan Society. You can pair our Vinho Verde wine with your vegetarian’s meals.

We export the wines Vinho Verde worldwide. For more information’s please contact us or visit our catalogue online.

Cheers with Vinho Verde…