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Mineral Water Range

Natural mineral water with an unbeatable quality at a great price.

The mineral water Penacova captures, bottles and markets natural water, called “Caldas de Penacova” using the best available technology to provide its customers, national and international.

Mineral Water Range
Mineral Water Range 33cl, 50cl, 1.5L and 5L

Available in the folowing sizes:

  • 33cl bottle
  • 50cl bottle
  • 1.5L bottle
  • 5L carboy

Bottles of polyethyene terephthalate (PET) alimentario use. High polyethylene Capsules Density (HDPE) for food use.

We deliver the water worldwide by truck or containers, always with the maximum expiry date.

For some international customers, we deliver with private label. We can deliver the mineral water (still) with your brand name and in any language (minimum amount required)


Our organization aims to consolidate its position in the domestic market and to conquer international markets.


Quality and Professionalism
Ensuring Food Safety and Quality of your product, meeting customer expectations.

Translated into the fulfilment of our duties towards employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Social Responsibility
Contributing to the development of the region in its various aspects.

The Food Safety Policy is focussed in three areas: Product Security, Customers and Colleagues and is based on the following principles:

Applying the principles of the Food Safety Management as a guarantor of public health,using the HACCP methodology;

  • Listening to customers and meeting their needs;
  • Compliance with the regulations and legislation, with concerns on environmental protection at all stages of the process;
  • Always requiring all providers to adhere strictly to standards so that our final product reaches the highest levels of quality;
  • Developing a human resources policy based on the motivation and social welfare of all employees;
  • Defining and setting goals with a vision of EXCELLENCE.This policy is communicated internally and externally, implemented, maintained and reviewed at all levels of the organization.

Regarding the Work Environment
Respect and promotion of human rights is guaranteed, including that:

  • Child labour is not used;
  • Forced labour is not used;
  • Equal opportunities are guaranteed to all current or potential employee;
  • The work schedule is devised in accordance with legislation in force;
  • A safe and healthy workplace is guaranteed;
  • Training of employees is provided;
  • Amongst employees, respect is encouraged, promoting teamwork and individual and collective responsibility.Regarding the Environment
    The company promotes respect for and protection of the environment and natural resources. We increased our production capacity using processes that ensure a reduction of energy consumption by 20%.


In the valley of the Mondego River, about 1 km northeast of the town of Penacova and approximately 0.5 km from Vila Nova, there are a number of springs of excellent quality, called “Caldas de Penacova”. Water with an uncommon crystalline look and an appearance that is very inviting to visitors, are greatly appreciated by local people, who even attribute to them therapeutic qualities, confirmed by the existence of some thermal spas which though in defiance of law, were recommended for the treatment of skin diseases, diseases of the digestive and urinary tract and which stood in front of the town of Vila Nova, 90 meters from the river Mondego. In 1972 a medical report from Dr. Amaro de Almeida, reaffirmed the therapeutic qualities of Caldas de Penacova, water recommending them in the treatment of:

  • Skin Diseases: dermatoses intolerance, eczema, contact dermatitis, psoriasis and chronic urticaria;
  • Diseases of the digestive tract: gastric dyskinesia, especially hypokinetic, biliary dyskinesia, atonic colitis
  • Diseases of the urinary tract: healing of diuresis (renal failure and nephrolithiasis).

The same report, in the summary states: “It is not radioactive. Its lightness,
its low salinity and the presence of carbon dioxide, give it its place as a table water without disadvantages, on a par with many others of great commercial value. ” In 1971, the Bulletin of Analysis No. 31999 of July 21 prepared by the Technical Institute, stated that these waters had the following characteristics: “Water with low salinity and an acidity that is conferred by an appreciable content of free carbon dioxide. As a consequence of its low mineral content, it should possess the therapeutic properties inherent in this type of water. ”
Our water is classified as low salt, with acidity and silicates (classification according to the rules of the Institute of Hydrology of Lisbon).


Originating from aquifers located at considerable depths underground, natural mineral waters are unpolluted water systems whose chemical composition is of natural origin and derived exclusively from the natural interaction of water and rock. For that reason no two waters are the same – their unique chemical composition is unchanging over time.
In the Journal of the European Union, the following clear and precise definition of a Natural Mineral Water was published; “Natural mineral water means microbiologically wholesome water… originating in an underground water table or deposit and emerging from a spring tapped at one or more natural or bore exits.

Natural mineral water can be clearly distinguished from ordinary drinking water:
(a) by its nature, which is characterised by its mineral content, trace elements or other constituents and, where appropriate, by certain effects
(b) by its original purity”

Did you know
Natural mineral water can be distinguished from ordinary drinking water: By its purity from the source:

  • It comes from an aquifer properly identified and located
  • Displays a specific chemical composition, unchanging over time.

The industrial exploitation of a Natural Mineral Water is properly regulated in national legislation and is dependent on the permission of the Ministry of Industry, with the assent of the Directorate General of Health, provided it has been shown that it meets all the requirements listed the definition of mineral water set by the EU. European legislation, the high standard for this type of natural water, also requires that:

  • the spring or outlet is protected against the risks of pollution;
  • the catchment, pipes and reservoirs are of materials suitable for water and so built as to prevent any chemical, physico-chemical or microbiological alteration of the water;
  • the manufacturing facilities, including washing and bottling equipment, meet hygiene requirements; in particular, the containers shall be so treated or manufactured as to avoid adverse effects on the microbiological and chemical characteristics of the natural mineral water;
  • competent state implement systematic surveillance programmes, which emphasize the specific characteristics of the resource.


The associate members of the German retail federation and its French and Italian counterparts developed the IFS benchmark for branded food products retailer / wholesaler for the assessment of the quality system and food security providers in order to provide comparability and transparency throughout the supply chain and the creation of a uniform benchmark for food safety and quality assurance of products.

ISO 22000
The ISO 22000 standard provides requirements for a system of food safety management, in order to give companies the capacity to ensure food safety at the time of human onsumption. The purpose of this standard is to harmonize the global requirements for food safety management by operators of the food chain and is intended for application by organizations that promote a system of food safety management that is more focused, coherent and integrated than is generally required by law.

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